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How Does it Work

Music track structure

Naming Convention: «Prefix» & «Suffix»
We use the Casual Music Pack as an example:

How can you use "_end" in your Loop

  • LOOP
  • END
  • Let your music FADE IN and FADE OUT when it starts and stops
  • CROSSFADE between music tracks when you transition between scene or map
  • Use «_END» to end music at any point (CROSSFADE between audio to get a smooth transition)


  • FULL — The Main Track that has all instruments
  • VAR_1 — first variation
  • VAR_2 — second variation
  • END — Music concludes with an ending
  • Loop — Music can run continuously in a loop


  • noWW | WW — no woodwinds | woodwinds
  • noSTR | STR — no strings | strings
  • noCHR | CHR — no choir | choir
  • noGLC | GLC — no glockenspiel | glockenspiel
  • noDRM | DRM — no drum | drum 

The mixes are not meant to play one after another to form a loner song.

  • MP3 files will not loop seamlessly! (MP3 format compression introduces silence grasp at the beginning.)
  • WAV & OGG — loops well
  • WAV is the highest quality uncompressed audio fule
  • The OGG format is the go-to for most game developers


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